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TrigMC software release coordination: PTD's logbook - page for October 2018

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[ ] New release/21.5.10 off of 21.0-TrigMC nightly/2018-10-23T2139
[x] New release/21.5.10 off of 21.0-TrigMC nightly/2018-10-23T2139
  2.28pm Andrzej Olszewski has posted on the ATLHI-226 JIRA thread requesting a new release, following their tests of the cache. Specifically, to make a new release 21.5.10 off of the nightly/21.0-TrigMC,r2018-10-23T2139.
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  4.05pm Oana has now copied the missing "repodata" files over to the correct location. Over to Alessandro to deploy on the Grid.
27/10/2018 12.22pm Have checked: release 21.5.10 is deployed on 500+ nodes on the Grid. HAve posted on the ATLHI-226 to let Andrzej et al know. Will now email atlas-trig-relcoord as well.

27/10/2018 12.32pm Regarding the pipeline for MR !15386 (see above): it re-started automatically yesterday evening; passed OK.



[x] !15317 Merge release/21.0.85 into 21.0-TrigMC (opened by Rafal Bielski)

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