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META TOPICPARENT name="PTD_TrigMC_LogBook_2018"

TrigMC software release coordination: PTD's logbook - page for November 2018

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  [ ] !NNNNN Title (opened by XYZ)


10.53am Checked the TrigMC nightlies (GIT and ATN): nothing looks out of the ordinary.

[x] !16172 Sweeping 16122 from 21.1 to 21.0-TrigMC. Add art-result code when references are missing (opened by Atlas Nightlybuild)

10.45am MR opened automatically overnight, as !16122 was labelled "alsoTargeting:21.0-TrigMC". Pipeline completed OK, and "review-approved" label added. Merged OK.



[x] !16119 Updates to ART tests - add regtest files to output (opened by Julie Kirk)

5.35pm Opened earlier today. Pipeline has passed successfully and review-approved label. Merged OK.


  [x] !16111 Sweeping !16092 from 21.1 to 21.0-TrigMC. Fix to rootcomp.py command in trigger ART tests (opened by Atlas Nightlybuild)
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