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TrigMC software release coordination: PTD's logbook - page for November 2018

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[ ] !16228 Merge release/21.0.90 into the branch 21.0-TrigMC (opened by Rafal Bielski)
[x] !16228 Merge release/21.0.90 into the branch !21.0-TrigMC (opened by Rafal Bielski)
  10.51am This was opened in the last hour. RB added the "sweep:ignore" label to avoid sweep to master (as presumably all changes were previously swept to master direct from 21.0). CI pipeline job seems to have failed a couple of mins. after it started... haven't managed to establish why.
3.43pm A retry of the build was triggered by Rafal about an hour ago, and the CI pipeline has just concluded without problems. As this MR is based on the latest 21.0 (21.0.90) branch, will merge it without waiting for L1 shifter approval. Merged OK.

11.00am Quickly checked the nightlies on NICOS (GIT and ATN tests): nothing looks out of the ordinary, when compared with preceding nightlies. All tests completed, and identical warning/error counts.


Plan for releases in coming days/weeks

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