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TrigMC software release coordination: PTD's logbook - page for December 2018

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[ ] !16412 time prints the full cmd line before real..user..sys (for branch 21.0-TrigMC) (opened by Oleg Zenin)
Phasing out of Run-2 Trigger branches

11.44am According to the plans outlined in Rafal's talk last week (here; see also the November 2018 page of this logbook), now that 21.0-TrigMC is up-to-date with 21.0 and 21.1, it is time to merge 21.0-TrigMC into 21.3 (the branch that will be used throughout the Long Shutdown, to develop Run-3 releases). I have searched for the corresponding MRs for 21.3... but does not seem to have been opened yet.

11.46am I have also searched for any recent MRs (less than a day old) that are labelled "alsoTargeting:21.0-TrigMC": found 11 (!), all approved & merged about 40-45 mins ago (see screenshot at the bottom of this logbook page). Therefore can expect the corresponding automatic MRs (into 21.0-TrigMC) will be opened tonight. Maybe Rafal is waiting for these to go through, before merging 21.0-TrigMC into 21.3?

12.16pm I have posted a comment/question to Rafal on the above... (see !14043) ... and then promptly realised that the 11 MRs I mentioned above were all applied to TrigMC quite a while ago (they have MR nos. in the range 9000 - 15000, whereas we are now on 16000+). For some reason the corresponding GitLab pages were "updated" today, and therefore they turned up on my regular search of alsoTargeting:21.0-TrigMC MRs... So I guess we are still on track to open the MR to merge 21.0-TrigMC into 21.3 at some point later today...

[x] !16412 time prints the full cmd line before real..user..sys (for branch 21.0-TrigMC) (opened by Oleg Zenin)

  00.31am This MR was opened yesterday. CI pipeline failed 14 h ago due to externals, after having run for 3h30. New pipeline job was automatically started 1 hour ago by the ATLAS Robot; still running...
11.24am CI pipeline has now concluded successfully. Review-approved label added a couple of hours ago. Merged OK.

[x] Check nightlies

11.31am Quick check of the GIT and ATN nightlies: all looks OK; all tests completed, and same success rate as in previous nightlies (64%). The spurious compilation-time error that was seen in the nightly build last week has disappeared.


-- PedroTeixeiraDias - 28 Nov 2018


  • List of MRs alsoTargeting:21.0 TrigMC (screenshot 2018-12-03):

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="alsoTargeting-21.0-TrigMC-Screenshot_from_2018-12-03_11-39-47.png" attr="" comment="List of MRs alsoTargeting:21.0 TrigMC (screenshot 2018-12-03)" date="1543834720" name="alsoTargeting-21.0-TrigMC-Screenshot_from_2018-12-03_11-39-47.png" path="alsoTargeting-21.0-TrigMC-Screenshot_from_2018-12-03_11-39-47.png" size="248046" user="ukap040" version="1"
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