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TrigMC software release coordination: PTD's logbook - page for December 2018

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Progress with 21.0-TrigMC merge into 21.3
Progress with 21.0-TrigMC merge into 21.3 (for info only)
  10.33am For info only (no action required of me): the MR for the merging of 21.0-TrigMC into 21.3 is !16441 ("Merge 21.0-TrigMC into 21.3 and enable HLT online packages") and was opened yesterday by Rafal. The MR page has lots of details (eg on how merge conflicts were resolved). The pipeline failed on "required tests" so, at the moment, the merge hasn't been done yet.
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  4.10pm There has been more discussion about this MR posted on the page. Conflicts still present. Rafal's advice is to wait for the pipeline (now running) to conclude, before deciding to merge.

9.04pm The CI pipeline has failed the "required tests".

[x] !16447 ATLINFR-2731: fix for arguments with blanks (opened by Oleg Zenin)

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