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Using x2go

x2go will allow you to connect to a linux server (linappserv) from a linux, Windows or Mac client. x2go is designed to reduce the effect of the latency which can make X windows piped through ssh connections difficult to use.

If you are using a linux client x2go may be part of the distribution and can be installed with yum or apt-get.

If you are using a distribution which doesn't come with an x2go client you can download it from here.

Getting and Installing x2go

When you have installed you should see the following when it is started. But without the entries in the right hand column.

To create a new connection select the icon on the top left with the star in it. This should create the following.

Fill in the session name with the name you want to use.

Fill the host name with the host you want to connect

At the bottom select the session type you want. Not all are installed on the server. MATE is known to work.

Click OK

Clicking on the panel on the right will allow you to connect to your server.

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