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Presentation Skills and Teamwork, 2nd year after exam

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  Session2: discussion and review on Thursday 6/6/2013, at 10h in MBLT.
PSaT_PartII_Gibson.pdf: Part 2 6/6/2013
 Session3: your talks, at 10h-13h and 14-17, Tuesday 11/6/2013, in MBLT.

Session4: final talks, at 10h-13h, Wednesday 12/6/2013, in MBLT.

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 -- StephenGibson - 03 Jun 2013

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="PSaT_Intro_Gibson.pdf" attr="" comment="IntroductorySession2013_06_03" date="1370271158" name="PSaT_Intro_Gibson.pdf" path="PSaT_Intro_Gibson.pdf" size="5297832" user="uxap007" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="PSaT_PartII_Gibson.pdf" attr="" comment="PartII" date="1370616253" name="PSaT_PartII_Gibson.pdf" path="PSaT_PartII_Gibson.pdf" size="5176326" user="uxap007" version="1"
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