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Presentation Skills and Teamwork, 2nd year after exam

Course material:

Session1 was on Tuesday 27/5/2014, at 10am in HLT2.

Session2: discussion and review on Thursday 29/5/2014, at 10h in MBLT.

 Session3: your talks, at 10h-13h and 14-17, Thursday 5/6/2014, in MBLT.

 (Session4: reserve session for final talks, at 10h-13h, Wednesday 12/6/2013, in MBLT.)
Last year's agenda:
2013's agenda:
 Teams for 2014:

Green = Attended and signed in to both introductory sessions.

Orange = Attended and signed in to one introductory session, or e-mailed Dr Gibson.

Black = Attended neither introductory session - it's not too late to join for the talks on Thursday 5th June - please contact your team mates!

  • TeamA: What you never knew about the Standard Model
    Maddelena Jennifer
    Abramov Andrey
    Boothman Victoria
    Patel Dillan
    Heck Jan

  • TeamB: Physics of some sort... (TBC)
    Bellaby Peter
    Harris Toby
    Rajaeifar Niloofar
    Velasco Gomes Andrea
    Cukanovaite Elena

  • TeamC: Fusion
    Feddersen Theresa
    Thomas David
    Yau Yuet
    Mills Georgina
    Connolly John

  • TeamD: Confectionary / microwaves?
    Barker Oliver
    Rishton Jeremy
    Theaker Adam
    Begg James
    Stewart Martin

  • TeamE: Exoplanets - what are we missing?
    Bayley Joseph
    Sparks Matthew
    Essmaeilzadeh Nafiseh
    Allen Ryan
    Shaikh Sobya

  • TeamF: Disasterous physics
    Parker William
    Martin Joshua
    Carlos-Sandberg Leo
    Burgess Paul
    Chung Siu

  • TeamG: Iron Man Physics (AI / weapons / human flight / bio physics)
    Sibanda Zinzile
    Kemp Ashlea
    Hawes Jordan
    Simpson Max
    Brown Katherine

  • TeamI: The Mighty Hubble
    Rajani Julia
    McCabe Alexander
    Luong To Zain
    Kashif Rabyah
    Edy Oliver

  • TeamK: The life and time of stars
    Bashforth Sophie
    Zhang Angela
    May Timothy
    Bello Julian
    Leigh Thomas

  • TeamHJL: (merged teams H, J and L) : What's up with Gravity?
    Easton Alexander
    Wroblewski Kamil
    Yardley Tommy
    Douglas Geoffrey
    Garcia Irvine Rafael
    Aubrook Liam
    Palmer Charlie
    Forbes Alexander
    Hart Frederick
    Bugden Samuel
    Geary Michael
    Gyurov Petar
    Hadden David
    Magon Lipika
    Zoha Sanya
    Srivastava Pranjal
Due to the absence of some members Teams H, J and L have been merged.

-- StephenGibson - 29 May 2014

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