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  1. Development of a miniature pyroelectric accelerator

Dr Asher Kaboth - Particle Physics

  1. An investigation into producing a uniform image with a CCD camera using an LED calibrator
  1. Modelling Dark Matter density distribution in galaxy rotation curves
    The student will investigate how the observed rotation of stars around the centre of a galaxy gives evidence for the existence of Dark Matter.

Dr Nikolas Kauer - Theoretical Particle Physics

  1. Higgs Boson Decay: Phenomenology and Theory
    This project explores the phenomenological and theoretical structure of Higgs boson decays in the Standard Model (SM). The project requires very good mathematical and programming skills and the ability to carry out basic Feynman diagram calculations. In the phenomenology part of the project you will study the dependence of the partial decay widths and total decay width of the SM Higgs boson on its mass, and analyse the corresponding branching ratios. In the theory part of the project, you will get experience with making theoretical predictions for partial Higgs decay widths. More specifically, you will derive the formulae for the H --> W- W+ and H --> fermion anti-fermion decay modes. Time permitting the scope of the project can be expanded.
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