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TWiki Upgrade Guide

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Major Changes Compared to Earlier TWiki Releases

See TWikiReleaseNotes04x00, TWikiReleaseNotes04x01, TWikiReleaseNotes04x02, TWikiReleaseNotes04x03, TWikiReleaseNotes05x00 and TWikiReleaseNotes05x01
See TWikiReleaseNotes04x00, TWikiReleaseNotes04x01, TWikiReleaseNotes04x02, TWikiReleaseNotes04x03, TWikiReleaseNotes05x00, TWikiReleaseNotes05x01, TWikiReleaseNotes06x00, TWikiReleaseNotes06x01

New Upgrade Option with BackupRestorePlugin

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  1. Copy the users from old installation to the new including all their topics from Main
  2. Apply customizations to your skin (logos, menu bars etc)
  3. Apply preferences from old installation
  1. Switch-over
  TIP After the extensions are installed (or upgraded) in step 2, take a "golden" backup. That will come in handy for your next patch or upgrade: By checking the differences between the golden copy and your production copy, you will be able to identify all the modifications that you have applied to the core or extensions.

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  • Compare the WebPreferences topics in the old TWiki Installation with the default from the new TWiki installation and add any new Preferences that may be relevant.
  • Compare the WebLeftBar topics in the old TWiki Installation with the default from the new TWiki installation and add any new feature that you desire.


Once you have tested the new TWiki you can switch over to the new site.

If the same domain and URL is used:

  • Update the DNS settings of the TWiki domain with the IP address of the new TWiki server.
  • Keep in mind that the updated DNS is not seen immediately by all users at the same time. The DNS propagation can take several hours and depends on the time to live (TTL) setting. Because of this it is recommended to disable content update on the old server. You could simply rename or move all scripts in twiki/bin that allow content update, such as attach, edit, manage, rename, save, upload, rest. Alternatively, if you have a recent TWiki version on the old server you can set a READONLYSKINMODE = 1 setting in Main.TWikiPreferences to turn the skin into read-only mode.

If the domain or URL changes:

  • Add a DNS setting for the new TWiki domain if needed.
  • Redirect users visiting the old TWiki to the new TWiki. The TWiki:Plugins.MovedSkin has been designed for that task. Install it on your old TWiki, and configure it with the proper URL of the new TWiki. After that, users on the old TWiki will see a yellow box informing them of the move, with a link to the new URL of the page visited.

Customization of Special Pages

Some pages in the TWiki web are meant to be customized after choice of authentication. If you do not use the internal TWiki password manager the topics that contains the features for changing and resetting passwords and changing the email address should be changed to a note describing how to perform these tasks in your organization. If you have made such customizations remember to replace these topics in the TWiki web with the tailored versions from your old installation. The topics are:

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