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Observation 03/12/19 Start: 20:00 End: 23:30 Comments
Observation 07/11/19 Start: 18:00 Sam Ryan present Telescope start up procedure: Connect telescope to power. Turn on Paddle: `initialising... Smart Drive...
Observation 15/01/20 NGC 884 Start 17:10 Sam Ryan present Aims: Imporve focus finding Obtain data for NGC 884 finish 19:45 Comments
Observation 29/11/19 Start 17:30 End 19:30 Comments
Observation 18/11/19 start 18:30 GPS fix took by telescope Focused on Altair. Went very well Set on Altair (Dec coordinate section) Success Moved to M92. was in lower...
AriannaSaba 28 Jan 2019 Objects observable in the sky at 8pm in January: map 45 2019 1 20.pdf 10pm: map 45 2019 1 22.pdf midnight: mapNV 45 2019 1...
Agisoft Photoscan Pro Meshlab GIMP Autodesk Maya 2016 Unity WillBurrows 27 Jul 2017
WillBurrows 14 Aug 2017
Observation 2 22/10/19 Sam Ryan present Start: 18:20 Goals: fix/identify why coords on padel are wrong investigate temperature of CCD (should the fan be...
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