2015 06 Visit to ATF2


  • Jochem
  • Laurie
  • Stewart (remote)


Log Book

BDSIM Development (fixes and improvements)

  • branched from develop v0.7-rc (release candidate)
  • offsets
  • histogram bug
  • fix overlapping volumes
  • cleaner bds acc. comp. base class
  • sbend vacuum bug


  • working ATF2 model for v.5.2
  • detailed aperture list
  • set strengths automatically from set file
  • set offsets automatically from data file
  • separate strength file
  • access Sampler class in robdsim
  • provide wrapper for plotting root histograms in matplotlib


  • beampipethickness
  • correct materials
  • energy cut / particle cut for cherenkov detector
  • add reference cavity as drift

geometry improvements (in order of perceived importance):

  • cbpms
  • flanges (as drift)
  • quad outermagnet geometry (coils): 2 versions: tokin (FF), ? (EXT)
  • tapered collimator
  • plates before quads (as drifts)
  • detector geometry


  • halo distribution
  • beam gas distribution

ROOT Wizardry

Plot from tree with limits

sampler = (TTree*)f.Get("Sampler_L207B")
TH1F f2 = TH1F("f2","f2", 100,-10000,10000)

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