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ATF2 LW Hardware components

Useful notes. Click on the heading of each for more details if they exist.



Basic layout picture here


Wavelength $\lambda=1064nm$
Pulse Energy (IR) 900mJ (max)
Pulse Energy (green) 200mJ
$f_{rep}$ 6Hz or less
$M^2$ ~2
Divergence ~XXrad

Seed Laser

Time Bandwidth GE100

Passively modelocked diode-pumped solid state ND:VAN laser.

Wavelength $\lambda=1064nm$
Average Power 500mW
Frequency 357MHz
Tuning Range 20kHz

Laser Cameras

Camera # Model Taper Form Pixel size Area (H x V px) PMF Area (H x V mm) Software version
1 WinCamD-UCM No Wide 6.70x6.70 1200x1024 1 8.04x6.86 6.00P2
2 TaperCam D20-15UCM Yes Narrow 6.70x6.70 1200x1024 2.27 18.25x15.57 6.00S1H
3 TaperCam D20-15UCDXX Yes Wide 9.90x9.90 656x656 3.1 20.13x20.13 7.06TE
4 WinCamD-UCD12 No Narrow 4.65x4.65 1024x1024 1 4.76x4.76 6.00S3I

Where PMF = Pixel Multiplication Factor. This is the taper ratio.


High Voltage setting 1250V Converter :
Cherenkov medium :

Detector HV

LeCroy Camac HV module : polarity flipped for negative voltage

Thorlabs APT motion control

Chamber and manipulator control

Controller :
Motors :
Linear encoders :

Sigma Koki motion control

GigE Cameras

SVGA (782x582) progressive scan, 1/2", 8.37 um square pixels
CM-040GE, Need Hirose 12 pin connectors
Software SDK, Windows drivers, C#,C++ interface
On extlw/soft/software_JAI_SDK_control_1_2_5.zip

Laser power meters


Temperature monitoring

Yokagawa DA100

Thorlabs Actuators

Listed by TDC001 Controller Serial Number in order of intersection with laser beam from laser. PVs are suffixed with all of "cmd", "cmdval", "pos", "homed" and "status" to make 5 PVs for each axis.

Serial Number Model Function PV Position
83813358 MTS50/M Alignment Laser Insert lab:allas: 0
83813548 MTS50/M ND Filter Insert (lim sw broken) lab:ndfil: 0
83813547 Z625B Telescope Divergence lab:tel: 7
83813353 MTS50/M Virtual IP Beam Line (vip) lab:vip: 0
83813244 MTS50/M M2 Extraction lab:msq: 0
83817651 Z612 IP M1 x ip:m1:x: 6.8600
83817598 Z612 IP M1 y ip:m1:y: 6.3988
83815668 Z612 IP M2 x ip:m2:x: 6.6500
83817591 Z612 IP M2 y ip:m2:y: 6.5500
83813354 Z606 OTR M1 x ip:otrm1:x: 4.7
83813550 Z606 OTR M1 y ip:otrm1:y: 4.8
83813549 Z625B OTR Lens z ip:otrlens:z: 8
83813245 MTS50/M APD Dump ip:apddump: 0

E-beam Loss Monitor


Axes of Motion

Axis Equipment Min Max
Chamber Vertical Baldor NextMove e100 -2.5mm +2.5mm
Chamber Horizontal Baldor NextMove e100 -2.5mm +2.5mm
Manipulator Vertical Baldor NextMove e100 0$\mu$m 45000$\mu$m
Manipulator Angle Baldor NextMove e100 -45 deg +45 deg
OTR Switch Baldor NextMove e100 0$\mu$m 120000$\mu$m
APD Dump Thorlabs MT-S50 Linear 0mm 50mm
IP M1 X Thorlabs Z612 Rotary 0mm 12mm
IP M1 Y Thorlabs Z612 Rotary 0mm 12mm
IP M2 X Thorlabs Z612 Rotary 0mm 12mm
IP M2 Y Thorlabs Z612 Rotary 0mm 12mm
IP OTR Shield Thorlabs MT-S50 Linear 0mm 50mm
OTR M1 X Thorlabs Z612 Rotary 0mm 12mm
OTR M1 Y Thorlabs Z612 Rotary 0mm 12mm
OTR Lens Z Thorlabs Z612 Rotary 0mm 12mm
ND Filters Insertion Stage Thorlabs MT-S50 Linear 0mm 50mm
Alignment Laser Insertion Stage Thorlabs MT-S50 Linear 0mm 50mm
M Square Insertion Stage Thorlabs MT-S50 Linear 0mm 50mm

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