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OTR Data Acquisition

General or EDM ....

to be completed...


  • Note, you must have sourced lwprofile to get any of these PVs on extlw-lxs1

PV Type Comments
otr:cmd string  
otr:exposure number Integration time
otr:top number Top most row to readout
otr:left number Left most pixel to readout
otr:height number Image height in binned pixels (binning 1x1)
otr:width number Image width in binned pixels (binning 1x1)
otr:filename string  
otr:filepath string  
otr:status string  
otr:edm:x1 array # elems =500 Must be exactly 500 elements long
otr:edm:x2 array # elems =500  
otr:edm:y1 array # elems =500  
otr:edm:y2 array # elems =500  
otr:edm:y3 array # elems =500  
otr:edm:y4 array # elems =500  
otr:spare:1 number  
otr:spare:2 number  
otr:edm:scanprogress number place to put scan progress percentage
otr:edm:nprogress number place to put nsamples progress percentage
otr:scan:nsamples number Number of samples
otr:scan:nstep number Number of steps
otr:scan:start number  
otr:scan:stop number  
otr:scan:axis string  
otr:scan:savedir string  

To add extra PVs you open the db template in the editor and then db itself, then edit, save and then start and stop the whole database for everything - not on shift!!!

cd extlw/daq/ioc/dbd
vdct otr.dbd

  • File->Open. Open ../db/otr.db

Right click on black space -> new record. Box pops up. Type desired name and type - 'ai' for number, 'string' for string, 'waveform' for array. Drag to look nice. Double click to edit properties.

NELM Number of elements in array
VALUE Set default value to load when database started

Save & exit. Go to lw run directory.

./extlw.sh stop
.... wait for it to save values...
./extlw.sh start

  • Do not do on shift - that's what spares are for.


  • Camera is controlled through c++ interface to 64bit driver
  • C++ is wrapped in DLL for Labview
  • Labview calls DLL in various subvis, wrapped in main loop vi
  • Main loop vi interprets commands and accepts parameters from EPICS


  • Remote desktop to extlw-win4
  • Start:
extlw/daq/labview/extlw-win4/extlw-win4.lvproj -> otrcamera.vi -> run


Command Description
acquire acquire image with dark frame subtraction
acquiresave acquire image with dark frame subtraction and save it as filename in filepath
acquireraw acquire image without dark frame subtraction
monitor monitoring images with dark frame subtraction
monitorraw monitoring images without dark frame subtraction
monitorreset change command to default


  • DLL is in some folder - update

To change:

  • Update code in Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010
  • Build>Build
  • Copy DLL and associated files in same directory - about 6 files located in *some folder - update*/Debug to
  • extlw/daq/labview/extlw-win4/otrcamera/
  • chmod 755 * -R this folder
  • use LabView vi now from extlw-win4 project

LabView Control of Camera

extlw/daq/labview/extlw-win4/extlw-win4.lvproj -> otrcamera.vi

Movers / Stages

epics pvs, ranges, units

Data Storage

file locations, notes about what's included in data

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