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ATF/ATF2 Computing environment

  • VPN + ssh://atf-xserve2.kek.jp
  • BPM machine (cbpm-lxs,

lxs servers

  • SL5.3 (Boron)
  • lxs machines (nfs mounts to atf-vserve2.kek.jp /atf -> /Volumes/vtrack1/ATF/)
  • Local package installation via /atf/servers
  • Packages installed via rpm and into /usr/local/

Fragments of .profile file for setting up an environment on one of the linux machines


export EPICS=/usr/local/epics/
export EPICS_BASE=${EPICS}/base/
export EPICS_HOST_ARCH=linux-x86
export PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/bin/:/${EPICS_BASE}/bin/${EPICS_HOST_ARCH}


export ROOTSYS=/usr/local/root/
export PATH=${PATH}:${ROOTSYS}/bin

To set the console messages to English (this is key for working with the linux machines (as the locale is typically set to (ja_JP.UTF-8)

export LANG=en_US.utf8

BPM software

  • Need to change .profile on xserve
# SVN config 
export SVN_EDITOR='emacs -nw'
export SVN_SSH='ssh sboogert@localhost -p 20001'
alias svn_tunnel='/usr/bin/ssh -L 20001:svn.pp.rhul.ac.uk:22 -l sboogert linappserv1.pp.rhul.ac.uk'
  • Make directory in correct location
cd /Volumes/vtrak1/ATF/control/epics/atf2/
mkdir cbpm
cd cbpm
then check out code from Royal Holloway
svn co svn+ssh:///data/svn/JAI/BeamPositionMonitor/atf2/trunk/bpm-ioc ./
If you don't have an account at RHUL then http download can be performed but it will be impossible to commit these changes to SVN (email stewart.boogert@rhul.ac.uk, for SVN htaccess password)
svn co svn+http://svn.pp.rhul.ac.uk/JAI/BeamPositionMonitor/atf2/trunk/bpm-ioc ./
  • Log into linux controller and build sub components
ssh linuxmachine -l username
cd /atf/control/epics/atf2/cbpm/

VME cold config (vme-cbpmN boot from cbpm-lxs)

  • root@cbpm-lxs> install rsh rpm
  • root@cbpm-lxs> chkconfig rsh on
  • root@cbpm-lxs> chkconfig rexec on
  • root@cbpm-lxs> chkconfig rlogin on
  • root@cbpm-lxs> service xinetd restart
  • root@cbpm-lxs> chkconfig ntpd on
  • root@cbpm-lxs> service ntpd restart
  • root@cbpm-lxs> useradd vmecbpm
  • root@cbpm-lxs> passwd vmecbpm
  • root@cbpm-lxs> /home/vmecbpm/.rhosts vme-cbpm1 vme-cbpm2
  • root@cbpm-lxs> cp stuff /home/vmecbpm/
  • root@cbpm-lxs> export nfs
  • cbpm-vmeX> bootChange
  • cbpm-vmeX> reboot
  • rhosts, etc.
localhost vmecbpm
slacvme2 vmecbpm
slacvme3 vmecbpm

Packages added to cbpm-lxs (0909)

  • cothread
  • FFTW
  • edm
  • gateway
  • casr
  • vdct
  • yum install rsh

NFS export

  • nanosun (/etc/exports)
/home/cdvxn              nanovw(rw,insecure,sync,no_subtree_check,insecure_locks,no_root_squash)
/home/cdvxn              nanovw1(rw,insecure,sync,no_subtree_check,insecure_locks,no_root_squash)
  • cbpm-lxs
/home/vmecbpm            cbpm-vme1.atf-local(rw,insecure,sync,no_subtree_check,insecure_locks,no_root_squash)
/home/vmecbpm            cbpm-vme2.atf-local(rw,insecure,sync,no_subtree_check,insecure_locks,no_root_squash)

VME network config

  • Names : slacvme2.atf-local, cbpm-vme3
  • IP :
  • Gateway : (changed???)
  • Netmask : (FFFFF800)

Sband RF control

  • Name : cbpm-win.atf-local
  • IP :

Calibration control

Cband cal signal (atfcc8.atf-local:5068) Sband cal signal (ip-ccnet.atf-local:5068)

  • cbpm:cband-cal1 cbpm:cband-cal2 cbpm:sband-cal1 cbpm:sband-cal2
  • 0 : no output
  • 1 : next shot is passed through
  • -1 : continuous open gate

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