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BPMs tuned

Save/restore: bpmCasr_20090421_185003

Mover calibration

FILES: /atf2/bpm-ioc/data/20090421_MoverCal

Non-mover calibration (will check quad settings)

* ZV6X

FILES: /atf2/bpm-ioc/data/20090421_noMove

Current (A) Filename
0 BpmAllLog_20090421_122605.dat
0.2 BpmAllLog_20090421_123113.dat
0.16 BpmAllLog_20090421_123204.dat
0.12 BpmAllLog_20090421_123306.dat
0.08 BpmAllLog_20090421_123348.dat
0.04 BpmAllLog_20090421_123432.dat
-0.2 BpmAllLog_20090421_123544.dat
-0.16 BpmAllLog_20090421_123643.dat
-0.12 BpmAllLog_20090421_123802.dat
-0.08 BpmAllLog_20090421_123903.dat
-0.04 BpmAllLog_20090421_124007.dat

* ZV7X

FILES: /atf2/bpm-ioc/data/20090421_noMove

Current (A) Filename
-0.24 BpmAllLog_20090421_124149.dat
-0.16 BpmAllLog_20090421_124302.dat
-0.08 BpmAllLog_20090421_124421.dat
0.0 BpmAllLog_20090421_124542.dat
0.08 BpmAllLog_20090421_124707.dat
0.16 BpmAllLog_20090421_124836.dat

NOTES each current setting is for the last 20 pulses in that file only. Copies of these files have been edited and appropriately named and contain only the relevant pulses for that magnet setting.

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