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Cavity BPM Shift present: Stewart, Jochem, Young-Im

ATF logbook: http://atf.kek.jp/twiki/bin/view/ATFlogbook/Log20130419s

01:00 shift started

recalibration (ATF2 orbit feedback was on for all of them!, It might not work in this condition which means high charge.)

CBPM method file name comment
QD10X BumpX bpmFsBumpCalibration_20130419_012750.dat.gz  
QD10X BumpY bpmFsBumpCalibration_20130419_013149.dat.gz  
QD18X BumpX bpmFsBumpCalibration_20130419_013728.dat.gz  
QD18X BumpY bpmFsBumpCalibration_20130419_014024.dat.gz  
QM16FF Svd X bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_014913.dat.gz +- 250
QM16FF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_015423.dat.gz +-250
QM16FF Svd X bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_020002.dat.gz +-250
QM16FF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_020530.dat.gz +-250
SF6FF Svd X bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_021453.dat.gz  
SF6FF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_021658.dat.gz  
SF5FF Svd X bpmMoverCalibration_20130419_021928.dat.gz  
SF5FF Svd Y bpmMoverCalibration_20130419_022114.dat.gz  
FB2FF Svd X bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_022928.dat.gz +-250
FB2FF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_023404.dat.gz +-50
QM16FF Svd X bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_023739.dat.gz +-125
QM16FF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_024157.dat.gz +-125
QM15FF Svd X bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_024728.dat.gz +-125
QM15FF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_025045.dat.gz +-125
QM14FF Svd X bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_025644.dat.gz +-125 - not good, mover not working
QM14FF Svd X bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_030043.dat.gz +-125 - good now
QM14FF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_030441.dat.gz +-125
QM13FF Svd X bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_031213.dat.gz +-125
QM13FF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_031542.dat.gz +-125
QD10BFF Svd X bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_033102.dat.gz +-125
QD10BFF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_033622.dat.gz +-125 , hard to zero in y, alignment rotation?

calibration mover range scan on QM16FF-y

CBPM method file name comment
QM16FF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_034215.dat.gz +-25
QM16FF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_034555.dat.gz +-75
QM16FF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_034958.dat.gz +-125
QM16FF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_035352.dat.gz +-175
QM16FF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_035832.dat.gz +-225
QM16FF Svd Y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_040347.dat.gz +-275

cbpm/run/bpmWake.py -d (x/y) gets parameters from bpmMoverCalibration

MREF3 scans charge 0.45 (IP), 0.7 (EXT), range (-4000,4000)

CBPM dir file name comment
MREF3 y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_045533.dat.gz +- 4000, 5
MREF3 x bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_050354.dat.gz +- 4000, 5
MREF3 y bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_051321.dat.gz +- 4500, 19
MREF3 x bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_053613.dat.gz +- 4500, 9

Streak camera MCP scan

MCP file
10 streakLog_20130419_051802.dat
12 streakLog_20130419_051956.dat
14 streakLog_20130419_052201.dat
16 streakLog_20130419_052345.dat
18 streakLog_20130419_052538.dat
20 streakLog_20130419_052718.dat
22 streakLog_20130419_052853.dat
24 streakLog_20130419_053030.dat
26 streakLog_20130419_053208.dat
28 streakLog_20130419_053343.dat
30 streakLog_20130419_053517.dat
32 streakLog_20130419_053732.dat
34 streakLog_20130419_053910.dat
36 streakLog_20130419_054049.dat
38 streakLog_20130419_054219.dat
40 streakLog_20130419_054401.dat
42 streakLog_20130419_054538.dat
44 streakLog_20130419_054715.dat
46 streakLog_20130419_054904.dat
48 streakLog_20130419_055038.dat
50 streakLog_20130419_055217.dat

  • sigma_MCP.png:
* corrector scanning *

Name File name nr pulses start end nr_steps note
ZV1X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_075007.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZV2X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_075542.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZV3X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_075920.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZV4X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_080243.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZV5X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_080557.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZV6X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_080925.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0 switch ATF feedback off; effect is huge, reduce range; might get rid of BPM readings
ZV6X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_081338.dat.gz 20.0 -2.5e-05 2.5e-05 5.0  
ZV7X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_081719.dat.gz 20.0 -2.5e-05 2.5e-05 5.0 just upstream of FONT
ZV7X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_082047.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0 charge dropped a little bit
ZV8X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_082414.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0 might get rid of some BPM readings
ZV9X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_082726.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZV10X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_083046.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0 coupling to X?
ZV11X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_083532.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZV11FF bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_083851.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZH1X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_084504.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZH2X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_084818.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZH3X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_085141.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZH4X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_085459.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZH5X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_085806.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZH6X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_090116.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZH7X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_090422.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZH8X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_090729.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZH9X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_091037.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZH10X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_091351.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZH1FF bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_091700.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  

switch on sextupoles and move sextupoles to original position

Name File name nr pulses start end nr_steps note
ZV8X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_092218.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0 sextupoles not all on yet
ZV8X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_092537.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZV3X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_092900.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZV6X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_093214.dat.gz 20.0 -2.5e-05 2.5e-05 5.0  
ZH1X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_093525.dat.gz 20.0 -2.5e-05 2.5e-05 5.0  
ZH1X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_093829.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0 coupling to Y?
ZH5X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_094138.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  
ZH7X bpmBeamCalibration_20130419_094445.dat.gz 20.0 -5e-05 5e-05 5.0  

10:00 beam steering

  • Intensity scan with mover position

Charge x filename y filename QM16FF y cal streak camera measurement 20 pulses x streak camera measurement 20 pulses y
High (0.7e10 EXT) bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_102500.dat.gz bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_104345.dat.gz bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_105201.dat.gz streakLog_20130419_103309.dat streakLog_20130419_104940.dat
Medium (0.6e10)   bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_110133.dat.gz bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_110940.dat.gz   streakLog_20130419_110855.dat
Low (0.4-0.5e10)   bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_111516.dat.gz bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_112220.dat.gz   streakLog_20130419_112033.dat (112334)
Lowest (0.2-0.3e10)   bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_112748.dat.gz bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_113519.dat.gz   streakLog_20130419_113312.dat
Nothing (0.08-0.15e10)   bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_114234.dat.gz bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_115004.dat.gz   streakLog_20130419_114753.dat

  • QD12X resolution as a function of beam intensity:

  • QF1X (stripline) resolution as a function of beam intensity:

  • Bunch length scan

DR V y filename QM16FF y cal streak camera measurement 20 pulses  
0.280 MV bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_115813.dat.gz bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_120659.dat.gz streakLog_20130419_120402.dat  
0.220 MV bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_121610.dat.gz bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_122420.dat.gz streakLog_20130419_122128.dat  
0.190 MV reading 0.1881MV bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_123246.dat.gz skipped streakLog_20130419_123805.dat beam little unstable, charge was decreased during scan, beam lost , back to 0.220 MV; streakLog good for at least first few meas.
0.320 MV bpmMoverCalibration_20130419_124106.dat.gz bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_124930.dat.gz streakLog_20130419_124626.dat  

* 2D scan (charge vs DR V)

Charge (same terminology as before) DR V y filename QM16FF y cal streak camera measurement 20 pulses
Medium 0.320 MV bpmMoverCalibration_20130419_124106.dat.gz bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_124930.dat.gz streakLog_20130419_124626.dat
Lowest 0.320 MV bpmMoverCalibration_20130419_125515.dat.gz skipped streakLog_20130419_130055.dat
Nothing 0.320 MV bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_130349.dat.gz - streakLog_20130419_130956.dat
Medium 0.220 MV bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_131304.dat.gz - streakLog_20130419_131824.dat
Lowest 0.220 MV bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_132121.dat.gz - streakLog_20130419_132658.dat
Nothing 0.220 MV bpmMoverCalibration_20130419_133018.dat.gz bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_133839.dat.gz streakLog_20130419_133535.dat

SD4FF y scan (+-1400 um, charge Medium, calibration (good)) bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_134647.dat.gz

  • Resolution as function of position QM13FF (200 pulses, +- 500 um, 10 steps)
  • Steering done to cavity centre via amplitude not position.

BPM Direction File Note
QM13FF y (x=800) bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_144245.dat.gz x is not super centered but not saturated; pos scale similar, IQ rot angle -0.89 (original: -1.05)
QM13FF x (y=210 ) bpmAllMoverCalibration_20130419_150618.dat.gz intensity increased in IP ICT from 0.15 to 0.35, calibration, pos scale similar, IQ rot: -1.03

charge and bunch length scan 500 pulses, orbit data move QM13FFx to x = 730um, which doubles the charge in IP ICT to 0.3e10

Charge (same terminology as before) DR V filename  
Medium 0.320 MV bpmAllLog_20130419_153512.dat  
Medium 0.220 MV bpmAllLog_20130419_154005.dat  
Medium 0.260 MV bpmAllLog_20130419_154328.dat  
Medium 0.280 MV bpmAllLog_20130419_154650.dat  
Low 0.280 MV bpmAllLog_20130419_155033.dat  
Lowest 0.280 MV bpmAllLog_20130419_155351.dat  
Nothing 0.280 MV bpmAllLog_20130419_155749.dat  

little LINAC tuning and magnet positions mostly back to 0.0. resolution data 500 pulses. FB2FF x and y and MQM13FFy saturated.


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