Name Type
cpplab-switch0 Nortel BayStack 5510-48T
cpplab-switch1 Nortel BayStack 5510-48T
cpplab-switch2 Nortel BayStack 5510-48T


Name OS ProcessorSorted ascending RAM/MB Address Notes
TEWIN04 Windows 2000 AMD Athlon 1.1GHz 256    
DMLIN01 Linux AMD Athlon 1.4GHz 256 00:0B:6A:89:E1:E9  
ACWIN01 Windows XP AMD Athlon 3.01GHz 2000 00:1B:FC:0F:CB:60  
RFWIN01 Windows 7 AMD Phenom 3.2GHz 4000 00:25:22:91:7D:E8  
RFWIN03 Windows XP Intel Celeron 2.66GHz 1000 00:12:3F:CC:0E:C8  
MWWIN01 Windows 7 Intel Core 2 2.66GHz 4000 00:1E:8C:4A:3F:A7  
RFWIN02 Windows Vista Intel Core 2.00GHz 2000 00:80:2F:11:76:B7 DAQ
TEWIN01 Windows XP Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz 512 00:0E:A6:85:4E:9C  
TEWIN02 Windows XP Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz 512 00:11:2F:6D:48:0B  
ROWAN Linux     00:1D:60:CF:C3:D2  
BRAMBLE Windows        
TEWIN03 Windows XP       Disc drive broken
TELIN01 Linux       Boot failure
ACLIN01 Linux Quadcore 2.5GHz 2000 00:22:19:A6:33:70 Server
ACLIN02 Linux Quadcore 2.5GHz 2000 00:22:19:A6:33:6A Server


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