Item S/N Quantity ManualSorted ascending Notes
TTI 300 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator TGA12104 342295 1 Link Labview Drivers USB Driver
Zaber Linear Stage T-LSR450A 16492 1 Link  
TK THz Power Meter + Support Unit n/a 1 Link  
Belkin Network USB Hub Model F5l009 2216214 1 Link  
Netshare USB LAN Network Hub Model NH-204 1006003949 1 Link  
Newport Motion Controller/Driver SMC100 Series   1 Link rs 232 cable attached
Newport UTS150CC Linear Stage   2 Link 150mm Travel Distance. One stage damaged.
Zaber T-LSR450B 17641 1 Link 450mm Travel Distance. Damaged.
Newport Actuator TRA12 CC   2 Link 12mm Travel Distance. Both Damaged.
Coherent Pyroelectric Detector   1 Link  
WR-5.1 Millitech Detector and Antenna   1 Link 25 dB Gain antenna, 140-220 GHz
WR-2.2 Millitech Detector and Antenna   1 Link 25 dB Gain antenna, 325-500 GHz
WR-3.4 Millitech Detector and Antenna   1 Link 25 dB Gain antenna, 220-320 GHz. Installed at Diamond LS
Ka Band Source n/a 1 n/a  
ELVA-1 Horn Antenna (Ka Band) p-0910/02 1 n/a  
Newport Rotation Stage M-481-A   1    
CVI Melles Griot PAV-PM-1037-C Aluminium mirror   2    
Angle Plate   1    
Mirror Mount (Newport)   4   2 Inch Diameter
Mirror Mount (Newport)   2   1 Inch Diameter
Mirror Mount (Newport)   7   4 Inch Diameter
Manual Linear Stage   2   25mm Travel Distance
Mirror Mount (Thorlabs)   1   2 Inch Diameter
CVI Melles Griot   7   100mm Diameter
Clamping Fork   Several    
VG Scienta Zero Length Viewport ZVPZ38   4    
VG Scienta Zero Length Quartz Viewport ZVPZQ38   1    
VG Scienta Flange ZFC2   5    
VG Scienta Flange ZFC6   4    
VG Scienta Zero Length Flange Adapter ZAZ7015   4    

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