Dan's Guide to Visiting CERN & Living in Geneva

Important General Tips!

Money Exchange

What ever you are tempted to do, DO NOT exchange money with Travelex or any other company at or around the airport, nor in England, or Switzerland (or anywhere for that matter I would imagine!). They rip you off big time, with seemingly low commission, but terrible exchange rates!!!

There is a RBS Bank point in the main lobby that will accept your card, which is attached to Restaurant 1 (R1), they give good rates (almost straight exchange) and even let you exchange your money debited as GBP so you do not incur charges from your bank! Excellent.

Make sure you call your bank the first time you travel to CERN, to let them know you will be using your card abroad. From then on your card will be activated for abroad use, if you don't do this, you run the risk of having your card blocked while you're out there!

Also be aware you need Swiss Francs (CHF) for Switzerland, and Euros for France, this can get annoying!

Free Bus on Arrival

When you arrive at Geneva Airport, just after you have picked up your luggage but BEFORE you go through any doors leading out towards the foyer and ultimately the exit, there is a machine that dispenses free bus tickets, remember this is located by the door going from the baggage pickup to the airport foyer. The tickets last one hour, ideal for getting to wherever you need to go when you arrive, and meaning you don't have to worry about having CHF / change, before you arrive.

The bus stop you will most likely need to get anywhere (i.e. CERN) will be the one on the corner as you leave the airport. For vague instructions, after you pass from baggage collection to the foyer, turn left, following signs for buses, eventually you will reach a yellow escalator, go up this, and at the top come back on yourself, exit that way and you will pretty much be standing at the bus stop.

Bus Routes

Airport to CERN: Take the (28) to Saint-Cecile, then the (56) to CERN.

CERN to L'Athenee: Take the (56) to Avanchet, then the (29), (14), or (16) to Lyon, from there simply take the (3) to Perchais.

A map with all the bus routes on can be found here:



There are a lot of buildings on site at CERN, all helpfully numbered, but unhelpfully randomised to ensure no bias in the monte carlo. Therefore initially a map is essential, you can pick these up from the security office, or hostel, but I recommend just printing one off before you go using the link below;


Some useful buildings;

Building 40 - Meeting and Conference Room
Building 39 - On site Hostel
Building 37 - On Site Hostel
Building 32 - RHUL Office

Map of Geneva

Here is a useful map of Geneva;


Printing it off might a little extreme, but be sure to pick one up from the UK Liason Office, or possibly even the airport. A Free one will suffice. When I get enough experience myself I will scan a map in, with all the best places to visit marked on! But this will come in time.

Visiting CERN

Living in Geneva


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