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Interesting Links

  • Home
    - Documentary about the Earth and it's Environment, with Amazing Aerial Photo's.

  • Einstein and Eddington
    - BBC 2 Film about the Story of the Friendship and Scientific Life of Arthur Eddington and Albert Einstein.

  • The ATLAS Detector
    - Short Film about the Construction and Operation of The ATLAS Detector.

News Coverage

Recommended Books

  • Chaos - James Gleik.
    - A Look in to sensitive dependence on initial conditions, fractals and all things chaotic, a very good read.

  • A Short History of Time - Stephen Hawkings.
    - Good book for semi-beginners, which covers lots of the basics about space, time, and particles.

  • The Book of Nothing - John D Barrow.
    - An interesting and deep look in to the idea of what Nothing is (or isn't).

  • Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman - Richard P. Feynman.
    - My Favourite Book, listen to fun stories from the master, penned by his closest friend about Dr Feynmans Life and Adventures.

  • Warped Passages - Lisa Randall.
    - Mainly for beginners, covering the basics for most of the book, but introducing some new concepts such as extra dimensions towards the end.

My Favourites

- Purity


- Nash

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