Overview papers on Higgs, LHC Physics, detectors, etc

LHC physics

Physics at the LHC
F Gianotti, Physics Reports 403-404 (2004) 379-399.

Collider Physics: LHC
F Gianotti
(not very recent, but includes good intro to SM Higgs search overview)

LHC physics: the first one--two year(s)
F Gianotti, ML Mangano

LHC: the accelerator and experiments

The following issue of the Journal of Instrumentation (JINST) is dedicated to the LHC: machine, ATLAS, CMS, and all the other experiments: Journal of Instrumentation JINST 3 (2008)

Physics at the high energy frontier: the Large Hadron Collider project (Editors: George Kalmus, Robert Brown, David Evans, Valerie Gibson, Richard Nickerson). Proceedings of the Royal Society Discussion meeting held in May 2011, published in Philosophical Transactions A (including articles on the Physics, the SM, the detectors and the collider) - flyer - read articles online

Higgs phenomenology

The Anatomy of Electro-Weak Symmetry Breaking (encyclopedic!)

  • The Higgs boson in the Standard Model (Volume I)
  • The Higgs bosons in the Minimal Supersymmetric Model (Volume II)

by A. Djouadi

Electroweak symmetry breaking: to Higgs or not to Higgs
Academic training lectures (Video+Slides), January 2009:
Lecture #1 Lecture #2 Lecture #3

Higgs Search Overview

Have we found the Higgs boson yet? (2012)
P Teixeira-Dias, RHUL. Invited talk at the Physics meeting of the NExT Institute, University of Sussex

Overview of recent developments in Higgs physics: experiments and theory (2010)
P Teixeira-Dias, RHUL. Invited talk at the UK HEP Forum 2010

The Search for the Higgs Boson: Past, Present and Future (2007)
Talk at the IoP HEPP annual meeting, 2007
P Teixeira-Dias

Higgs Search at LEP

Observation of an excess in the ALEPH search for the Standard Model Higgs boson (2001)
P Teixeira-Dias arXiv: hep-ex/0108001

The Standard Model Higgs boson search at LEP: combined results (2001)
P Teixeira-Dias arXiv: hep-ex/0108002

Higgs boson searches at LEP (2007)
P Teixeira-Dias arXiv:0804.4146 hep-ex

The Higgs particle in the standard model: Experimental results from LEP (2002)
P.A. McNamara, S.L. Wu (Wisconsin U., Madison)
Published in Rept.Prog.Phys.65:465-528,2002.

Higgs searches at the TeVatron and LHC

ATLAS and CMS discovery papers (July 2012):

The full list of published LHC Higgs papers can be found here: ATLAS list and CMS list.

Searches for the Standard Model Higgs Boson with the ATLAS Detector (May 2012)
Ralf Bernhard (on behalf of The ATLAS Collab.), arXiv:1205.4629 hep-ex

Standard Model Higgs boson searches with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider (Nov. 2011)
Aleandro Nisati (on behalf of the ATLAS Collab.), arXiv:1111.7132 hep-ex

Limits on the production of the Standard Model Higgs Boson in pp collisions at sqrt(s) =7 TeV with the ATLAS detector (2011)
The ATLAS Collab., arXiv:1106.2748 hep-ex

Searches for Higgs bosons at the LHC (2009)
M Delmastro (on behalf of ATLAS and CMS) arXiv:0909.0493 hep-ex

Combined SM Higgs Limits at the TeVatron (2009)
N Krumnack (on behalf of CDF + D0) arXiv:0910.3353 hep-ex

Prospects for Higgs searches with the ATLAS detector (2009)
E Richter-Was arXiv:0903.4198 hep-ex

Higgs searches at the LHC (2007)
A. de Roeck and G Polesello
C R Physique 8 (2007) 1078-1098. (Comptes Rendus de Physique)

Higgs boson searches at Hadron Colliders (TeVatron + LHC)
V Buscher and K Jakobs
International Journal of Modern Physics Letters A Vol. 20 (2005)

Higgs Physics at the LHC
G Unal, Acta Phys. Pol. B 38 (2007) 717-729

ATLAS experiment reports

ATLAS detector and physics performance (ATLAS TDR, 1999)
(Chapter 19 is the Higgs searches chapter; the colour figures with the overall search potential are here.)

Expected performance of the ATLAS experiment - detector, trigger and physics (CSC book)
(CERN-OPEN-2008-020 or arXiv:0901.0512v1 (hep-ex))

Prospects for the Search of a Standard Model Higgs Boson in ATLAS using Vector Boson Fusion
(SN-ATLAS-2003-024; published in EPJC.)

Higgs production cross-sections and branching ratios for the ATLAS Higgs working group

The ATLAS Monte Carlo project
(ATL-COM-SOFT-2008-024; to be submitted to JINST)

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