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To Do List (Priority: 1=Hi, 2=Med, 3=Lo) (=Completed)

  • Source Software: Autodesk Inventor, Maxwell 3D/2D: Inventor is on 4-screen comp in lab, Stewart is allowing college user account access 1
    • Read Sauli paper on drift chambers 2
    • Look at technical drawings of current designs and familiarise 2
    • Look at "note 34" on CVS 2
  • Read Thomas Caldwell's thesis !
      • Put CCD info on Twiki - done but need to improve equations and some symbols in the text 3
    • Read Skim code 2
      • Remind Jocelyn to check connections to MIT: is there an ip range restriction? - still can't connect to 3
    • Get Mason book about Ions from DarkMatter.References gas detectors 2
      • Find out how to do LateX on TWiki -
         %BEGINLATEX{label="Label" colour="Colour"} latex latex latex %ENDLATEX% 
    • Read through docs emailed by Jocelyn 2
      • Look into clean rooms and dust monitoring 3
  • Research nuclear form factor and effects on interaction rate for DM particles - use Nuclear doc and post this to Journal club indico site (in MiniClean area) 1
    • Check out code for fomulas in Numerical Factors doc and have a go at reproducing results of CDMS with zero background and zero candidates 2
  • Produce slide outlining research project for Journal Club on 12.10.11 1 need to run past Jocelyn and update as necessary the day before
    • Learn Autodesk Inventor - have registered with the site, can download it free when I get my laptop. Then can start with online tutorials. 2
  • Find out how to and buy laptop 1
  • Start drawing of 10L detector, have completed model by 2 weeks time

My Project Outline

  • Produce technical drawings of the 1m^3 DMTPC
  • Model the chamber with wires wrapped around acrylic tube
  • Compare model with current 10L chamber at same scale to quantify benefit of wires vs field rings
  • Investigate sectioning of amplification region for external event discrimination
  • Improve Skim code to remove sparks

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My Log

W/E 23.9.11

First week at RHUL. Started with the induction on Tuesday with the welcome meeting and computer induction. Picked up from the computer training: use onine logbooking; must learn Linux; must learn and use more data analysis software; list of available software on campus. Check website for more: info for postgraduate research students

Had a meeting with Jocelyn on Friday to outline my research project. I will be responsible for modelling the electric field using wire wrapped around an acrylic tube, as opposed to the current method of metal field rings, using Maxwell 3D (or 2D) softare. I will also be looking to see how much improvement there is to the RPRB (Radon p_____ Recoil Background) and if the new design is worth implementing. I will require input from Gabriella, regarding the CCD for the model. I will also look at using additional sectioning of the amplification region in order to be better able to discriminate between internal and external events. Currently two sections are used: an outer ring and the main, inner circle. If an event is seen in both it is more likely to be due to an external source. If it is only on the inner ring, then it can only have occured internally (within the drift chamber).

The first task is to produce a technical drawing of the 1m^3 design that can be given to the workshop for production. It is hoped that the drawing will be easily imported into Maxwell 3D for the modelling.

I need to find out if the department has the required software and source it if not. I must then familiarise myself with the software. I must also familiarise myself with the current detectors, their design, use and technicalities. To begin, Jocelyn has given me a document from CERN on drift chambers which I have begun to read and will continue with next week. To study the electric field will require thorough knowledge of electrostatics so I must revise this material.

Also on Friday, Gabriella, Alistair and I, took an inventory of the equipment currently in the lab. Thsi will be transferred to the Twiki for reference.

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