Data to be taken

  • Take many frames with same exposure to see sperad of data, error estimate
  • Take frames with different exposure times, for seeing how $\sigma_{\sigma}$ varies with exposure time
  • Finish taking scans of peaks for other lamps
  • retake halogen spectrum
  • take some bias frames

Actual Data taking

  • Cooler temp 5 deg C, started with Helium Lamp
  • Took 20 frames at exposure time 0.5s, micrometer setting at 6.5mm. This is to investigate whether errors are indeed poisson
  • Next, took x frames at micrometer setting 6.5mm, starting at 0.1s exposure time, increasing in 0.1s increments. At 3 seconds, increased in increments of 0.5s. Completed data taking at 6s.
  • Switched to low mercury lamp. Chose 2 spectral lines and took frames of them scanning across the frame.
    • Peak1: started at 3.4mm, increasing in increments of 0.1mm
    • Peak2: started at 1.5mm, increasing in increments of 0.1mm
  • Switched to halogen lamp. Took frames of full spectrum, exposure time of 0.1s, starting at 0.0mm, increasing in 0.5mm increments
  • Took 2 bias frames
  • Took 2 dark frames at 0.1s, took 2 dark frames at 0.5s
-- Public.JosephBayley - 19 Nov 2015

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