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'' ''' 'angle' 'bg' 'exptime' 'focusmax 'maxim 'meadelxgp 'mux' 'muy' 'sigx' 'sigy' aa able ac academic according accuracy ad added adding adjust adjusted adjusting adu advanced af aim akash alani alaniscozen aldebaran alderbaran alex algorithm align aligned aligning alignment allow allowed allowing alnitak alpha alt alter altitude ambient amplitude analysi andromeda angle anishavadher annotated ap apart aperture api apparent appdata appear append appropriate approx approximate approximately aprox area array arrived arrow ascension ascom aseq aspx asterope astrometry astronomical astropy asymmetry atla attached attatched attempted aug aur auto autoguider automated automatically autosave available away axi axisrate az azimuth background bad bahtinov barrel based basic batch beam bedingham began begin best beta betelgeuse betelguese better bf bge bia big bin binary binning bit blue bmp boiler bolt boogert border borella brick bright brightest brightness bsc building burst button cable cadmium calculated calculation calib calibrate calibration call cam camera candidate canopy cap capella capture captured case cassiopeia castor catrionamcdonald cause ccd cd center centered centre centred cephei cgi ch chafer change changed changing chart check checked chip chose chosen chrishayne circle clear click client clip close closed cloud clouded cloudy cluster cm coarse code collection color colour com command companion compared comparison conclusion condition cone connect connected consider constant constellation contain continue continued continuou control controller convergence cool cooled cooler coolersoff coolerson cooling coord coordinate correct correction count counterweight couple covariance cover coverage covered cowan cozen crater create cross crosshair current currently curve cyg cygwin d d'emilio dark darkening darkexpn darkss data date db dc dec decl declination def default deg deg' degree delta denote derivative desktop detail detailed determine determined development deviation device diagonal dial diameter did difference different diffraction dimmer direction directly directory disappear disconnect disconnected dispatch display distance dl dm dmk dmkaf document dome domeuser donut door double dovetail download downloaded dr drift drive dslr dust dx earlier earth easily easy edge edm edu eee effect egham eigenvalue el electron element emelie enable end ended ensure ensuredispatch ensuremodule enter entered enthought environment epsilon equation equator equipment equivalent eri error established estimate even example exceeded exhausted exit exp experiment expn expo expose exposed exposure exptime ext eye eyepiece factor fail faint fainter false far feature feb feed fiber fibre field file filename filter final finder finding fine finer finish finishe finished firewire fisical fit fit' fitted fix fixangle fixed flat flip focal focu focuscontrol focused focuser focuser' focuserrate focusing focusmax focussed focussing folder following forced form format fourth frame function functionminimum fval gain galaxy gamma gaussian gave gdel gencache generate getimage give going good goode google gp graph grating great green grey group guide guidescope guiding h hair having helium help hg high highhg hip histogram hm hold holly horizontal horizontally hot hotpixel hour house hp hr html http hughspackman hussain hyade ic id identified im image imaged imaging img iminuit import improvement imtemp include increased increment index individual info information initial inside install installation installed intensity intermittent interval intro invalid inversion ipython ismoving iso isuccess jacobchamber jamesangthopo jan jc jd jervi jnow joecooper joolselliott josephbayley jpg jt jul jun juno jupiter just jw kept key knob know known label lamp large larger laser later laurie laurienevay lb leave left len lenalenz length lenz light like limb limit line link list little live ll ln lnk load loc local locate located location long longer look looked looking lot low lowhg lst lum luminance luna lx ly lyra lyrae m ma machine mag magnitude main make manager manual manually map mar maria martynhickey mask master masterdark match mathew matplotlib matrix matthew max maxim maximdl maximum maybe mea meade mean measure measured measurement measuring median meet meeting member menu mercury method micrometer min mini minimization minimum minor minorplanetcenter minuit minute mirror mm mncontour mnglobalcorrelationcoeff mnhesse mode modfm modmax modmeade module monitor moon motion motor mount move moved movement moving msci mtemp multiple na naked name named nan narrow navigate nd ndimage near nearby nebula necessary need needed negative net new newastro newton nf ngc nice night nn nnn noise non normal north note nov nova number numpy ob obj object observation observe observed observing obtained oc oct offset old one ong open opened opening operator optic optical ord order ordinate org original orion oscar outer output outside pack package packagename paddle panel paper parameter part patch path pattern paulhallam pc pciture pdf peak pec pedropaiva pekapa people period ph phd photo photometry picture piece pinwheel pip pixel place planned plate pleiade pleione plot plotted pm png po point pointed pointing pollux poor position possible poth power preece present press previou primary prin print pro problem procedure proceeded process processing procyon produce prof program programme project property provided psf pt pub public pull py pyfit pylab pyminuit python pywin quite ra radiu rain range ranging rar rate rate' ratio rc read reading ready realigned rebekah rebekahchafer received record recorded red redrift reduced reference relative release remain remote remove removed repeat repeated requested result retake retaken return rhul rigel right ring roi roof room rope rose rosegrey rotated rotation roughly ruler run running ryan ryancheale saiph sam sample saqib saqibhussain saturate saturated saturating saturation save saved saving sb sbig scale scaling scan scanned scipy scope screen screw script seal search sec second section seeing seen select selected self sep seq sequence session set setting settled setup sh shadow shall shape shifted show showed showing shown shutter sidereal sig sigma simple simplex single site size skill sky slack sld sleep slewed slightly small smaller sodium software solar source south space spectra spectral spectrometer spectroscope spectrum speed splitter st stable stack stacked standard star starnum start started starting stb std stellarium step stewartboogert stewartboogerttelescopepotw stick stm stop stored strategy structure student study stxme subframe submitted success successfully sufficient sum sun sunspot support sure sw switch switched sync synced synchronise synchronised taken taking target tau telescope telescope' temp temperature terrestrial test tested testing tg th theta thing thoma threshold tie time timer tinge tolerance tom tomgoode took total tracking training transit trash tree trial triangulum tried true try trying turn turned twiki txt type uk unable uncertainty uncertaintymap understand uninstall unit universal unlock update upgrade uploaded usb use used user using ut v val value var variable variablemetricbuilder variation varied variou varying vega venu verbatim version vertical vertically vi video view viewfinder viewing vignetting visible visual vm wait waited waiting wall want warning way weather went west whilst whirlpool white wide width williamburrow wincom window work worked www x xme xxx ye year youle zcw zero zip c m

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