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Log Book entry for Ryan Cheale, Chris Haynes and Paul Hallam for the 23/10/13 evening observation


Relation with right acensioin

LHA_Obj = LST - α_obj

(Local hour angle (angle appears to you)) = Local sidereal time - hour angle of the object)

Egham Location

Egham co-ords - 51.4289 deg N, 0.5479 deg W ----> 0m 33s 50as



Potential Objects

M39 : RA 21h32m12s DEC:48Deg 26m 0s

Cocoon Nebula: RA 21h53m24s DEC 47Deg 16m 0s

NGC 6910: RA 20h23m6s DEC 40Deg 47m 0s

Delta Cephei Ra 22h29m10.3s DEC 58Deg 24m 54.8s

Gamma Cassiopeia 0h 56m 42.6s DEC 60deg 43m 0.6s

Telescope Set up

  • Open shutters (ropes, pull apart, tie off ropes, motor control
  • Turn power on
  • Press power switch on telescope
  • Take off lens caps
  • GPS fix, spin dome --> maximise GPS
  • Point towards Vega
  • Line up with barrel
  • Line up with finer scope
  • move vega into cross hairs
  • Set star in menu options

Gamma Cassiopeia (Variable)(19:25, )

  • Located Gamma Cassiopeia with Stellarium (Method below)
  • Centre star into middle of data image
  • POTH to see location
  • Sterllarium control to line up
  • alignment off
  • Stellarium point 2
  • reduced expose to 0.1s as saturated at higher exposure
  • changed bins to 1x1 -> increased image size
  • Ctrl-H to stretch, scroll wheel to resize
  • shifted star off screen
  • Increased exposure time to 5s

NGC 381 (cluster)

  • Located using stellarium
  • Exposure 0.1 did not work, exposure 1s showed results
  • Exposure to 10s, screen stretch -> range
  • Large amlount of stars but not very bright

Dragon Fly (Cluster) (19:45, )

  • Located via stellarium
  • brighter values
  • exposure of 1s
  • Centre cluster
  • Lot of stars, bright stars inc
  • Exposure to 0.1s
  • chanhge focus on telescope to sharpen up fainter objects
  • Exposure -> 0.5s
  • Stop -> subframe -> draw over small cluster
  • Captures the subframe -> make bigger -> allows finer focus
  • Stop -> subframe off
  • Exposure 2s
  • Took off calibration
  • Light frames(x3) + Dark frames(x5)

IC 10 (galaxy) M=10.3

  • Simple auto-dark, exposure 10s
  • exposure 20s, unable to see
  • exposure 60s,

Bodes Nebulae (Galaxy) M=6.90

  • Exposure 20s
  • Light frame (x2) + Dark frame (x3 @ 60s)
  • Galaxy has distinct structure

Gamma Cassiopeia (Variable) (20:50)

  • Re-located Gamma Cassiopeia with Stellarium
  • 5x Light Frames at 0.1s exposure
  • 5x Dark Frames at 0.1s exposure

Alpha Cassiopeia (Variable) M=2.24

  • Located nearby star Alpha Cassiopeia using Stellarium
  • 5x Light Frames at 0.1s exposure
  • Negligable magnitude variation of 0.03
  • This will be used as a reference to determine the magnitude of Gamma Cassiopeia

Telescope Pack up

  • Turn off coolers
  • Disconnect Camera
  • Put lens cap on telescope
  • Turn off camera
  • Put cover back on camera
  • Close dome shutters
  • Turn off lights and leave dome

Telescope control

  • Stellarium
    • Config - plugins - Telescope control - configure - telescopes - start - close - click target - space key - alt 1
    • Telescope view (changes screen to show view through camera)
  • MAxim DL
    • Observatory control - POTH hub Connect - open up app
      • gives co-ords of frame in log
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