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IDEA! Project meeting on 24 / 10 /2013

Present: Chris Haynes, Paul Hallam, Ryan Cheale, Dr Boogert, Professor Cowan.

Continued discussion on taking and analysis of dark frames.

Due to the dome not being cold enough during the day, it is difficult to cool the camera down to -15 or -20 celcius. Therefore, the remaining readings will be taken further into winter, when the dome is colder.

Objectives for analysis of dark frames:

  • Plot a histogram of the -5C, 60 second frame and compute the mean, median and standard deviation.
  • Plot the column mean and consider the standard deviation for all columns.
  • Plot the standard deviation as the square root of the mean and check to see if it's a Poisson Distribution.
Additionally, we should think about the dark current rate (the rate at which an electric current is generated in the chip due to the production of electrons and holes) and how to compensate for it.

We should also consider what the faintest star we could detect would be, looking at the point spread function of our telescope.

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