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Log Book entry for observation on 07/03/2014

Telescope Set Up

  • CCD camera set cooling to -15 degrees
  • Coordinates of Capella determined using Stellarium
  • Telescope centred on Capella
  • Location synchronised with Stellarium
  • Telescope centred on Delta Cephei

Observation of Delta Cephei

  • From Stellarium Delta Cephei's next maximum is on 08/03/2014
  • This means Delta Cephei is increasing in magnitude
  • Frames were taken using different filters and exposure times
  • The following exposure times were used:
  • Focus Filter = 1.1s
  • No Filter = 1s
  • Blue Filter = 10s
  • Green Filter = 5.1s
  • Red Filter = 3.3s
  • 5 repeats were taken of each
  • 10 Dark and Bias frames were also taken, with a 10s exposure
  • A trash frame was taken before the first Dark
  • Three sets of observations were recorded, dc1, dc2 and dc3
  • Observation saved to Desktop/Data/20140307_PH
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Subject Observation PH
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