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Days, Calendar Created: 13 Mar 2014 19:54:55 Days, Calendar Last Revised: 13 Mar 2014 19:54:55 Person JamesBegg Text 2014 Group Left overs Observation 2

James Begg, Georgina Mills, Ryan Thomas, Dr Boogert

  • 18:30 start
  • -15C camera set point
  • weather light high cloud and warm
  1. Aligned on Capella
  2. Speed 5 centred in finder scope
  3. speed 3 centred in ccd image
  4. sync on capella (object -> star -> named -> Capella enter, press and hold enter for 2s)
  5. Target Atlas and Pleione in Pleiades
  6. 0.4s exposure AtlasPleione.fits
  7. checked focus on nearby fainter star
  8. red filter factor of 2 dimmer: 0.8s
  9. visual filter factor of 2 dimmer: 0.8s
  10. blue filter factor of 4 dimmer: 1.6s
  11. Imaged Orion nebula, monkeys head nebula and NGC2483 planetary nebula.
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Subject 2014 Group Left overs Observation 2
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