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Days, Calendar Created: 17 Oct 2014 17:47:35 Days, Calendar Last Revised: 17 Oct 2014 17:47:35 Person JoeCooper Text Spectrometer Project Calibration

Joe Cooper and Sam Emery

Using the spectrometer to find the brightest spectral line in mercury and Find the best micrometer reading for the angle of the camera.

Camera was ST-7E, Setup SBIG Universal.

Temperature for all the images was -6.5 deg C.


Exposure time: 0.1s; Grating distance 1.814mm; Camera angle micrometer reading 2.495 (heavily sloped)

Used continuous range to find a reasonable staring point.

Used range of 18mm to 20.5 mm in steps of 0.5

Reduced range to 19mm to 20.5mm in steps of 0.10

Reduced range further to 19.50mm to 19.80mm in steps of 0.05

Camera Angle

Exposure time: 0.1s; Grating distance 1.814mm; Focus distance was 19.60mm for this

Used continuous range to find staring point.

Used range of 2.50mm to 5.50mm in increments of 0.5mm to start.

Reduced range to 4.00mm to 5.00mm in steps of 0.10mm

Reduced range further to 4.45mm to 4.65mm in steps of 0.05mm

Found the best angle to be 4.60mm

Brightest Peak Data

Looking through the spectrum the brightest peak, found at 4.00mm in grating micrometer.

This was saturated so the lamp was moved back by 5cm which was still saturated, then we moved it back by another 5cm which put the lamp back from the optical fibre by 25cm. This reduced saturation where refocus was done. Seemed to saturate at 50,000 confirming it was brightest peak.

Used this to check the focus and recalculate.

used a range from 19.50mm to 20.50mm in steps of 0.10mm

Found best focus distance on micrometer to be 20.10mm

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Subject Spectrometer Project Calibration
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