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Days, Calendar Created: 19 Jan 2015 19:37:33 Days, Calendar Last Revised: 19 Jan 2015 19:37:33 Person LaurieNevay Text 2015 01 19 SH JC LN SB Spectrometer Observation

2015 01 19 Spectrometer Observation


  • Started at 5pm.
  • Achieved initial alignment with spectrometer to Capella as it was pretty bright - although multi-star system unsuitable for intended spectra

  • Aligned first to aperture with piece of paper
  • Aligned to fibre coupler hole
  • Placed fibre and maximised signal with speed=1x
  • observed only one maxima - relatively in focus
  • clouded over but used monitor and cadmium lamp to align spectrometer camera and fibre bundle to allow horizontal projection in data analysis.
  • waiting for clouds to clear from 6:30pm.

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Subject 2015 01 19 SH JC LN SB Spectrometer Observation
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