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2015 05 20 LN DSLR Observation

  • Trying out DSLR on back of scope
  • Benefit - easy live video to investigate focussing, wide field of view

20:30 start

  • Dismounted SBIG camera (in case)
  • Canon DSLR bayonet adapter + BADER 2" - T/2 Nosepiece on back of micro-focuser

  • Observed Moon, Venus & Jupiter during twilight ~ 21:40

  • Aligned & synchronised to artturus star to the south as visible to the naked eye
  • image of M3 globular cluster ~ magnitude 6 - can make out ok in photos but still blue sky background as still slightly light
  • 2155

  • Trial of Deep sky object - still lightish but will keep iterating over objects
  • Bodes Nebula mag 6.9
  • Of note is that the DSLR is slim enough for a polar flip of the mount. Haven't, but can.

  • Whirlpool Galaxy
  • Getting better images but can only really see core of galaxy - still to much sky glow
From images of a single bright star or say of Jupiter and it's moons, you can see what appears to be both coma and chromatic aberration. The edges of non-point like objects have an orange tinge on one side and a blueish tinge on the other. Jupiter is relatively low just now so there is a strong affect from the atmosphere / imaging but still Jupiter had an asymmetric tinge. The moons were also quite distorted. Although the 'live view' gives you some indication, it simulates the exposure settings and can distort the image a little. Best to take images directly and zoom in to compare. Not too different from live view though.

  • Telescope likely needs collimation, but the trouble is finding a good enough night for to be able to observe any improvement.
Sky much darker now. While no clouds around, there is a bit of haze - can't see huge multitude of stars.

  • Starting at 3845 images of great cluster in hercules.

Finish at 22:20

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