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Present: AA, JW, LB, TG

Start time: 12

End time: 13;00

Weather: High cloud, thin

Target: Sun

Run 1 : 1/1241s, frame 1100 set, 313 taken

Run 2 : 1/77s frames 1100 set, 103 taken

data stored C:\Users\dome-pc\Desktop\Data\20151123_AA_LB_JW_TG

  1. Align telescope to Sun using shadow of filter
  2. Use finder scope to centre Sun
  3. Navigate to west equator of Sun
  4. Focus telescope
  5. Set exposure time
  6. Locate far west of Sun
  7. Set up sequence timer
  8. Switch off tracking (setup -> targets -> terrestrial)
  9. take sequence
  10. Switch on tracking (setup -> targets -> astronomical)
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Subject SLD
Status blank

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