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Planned to meet at 13:00 - Entered dome at 13:30

Present: Charlotte Newton, Nikhil Patel, Josh Reid, Alex Pierrot, Will Burrows, Professor Boogert.

  • Walked up the stairs, avoided head collision
  • Made sure stairs are only occupioed by 1 person at a time
  • Closed door when all members are inside the dome
  • Checked the weather, no chance of rain
  • Opened the dome doors
  • Removed telescope cover
  • Removed the two lens caps
  • Supplied Power and switched telescope on
(Daytime Observation)
  • Connected flip mirror, imaging source camera, and 32mm eyepiece
  • Moved telescope to point at Bedford library
  • Connected the imaging camera via firewire cable
  • (Process of focusing) Removed mirror lock and moved mirror internally
  • Moved dome and telescope to face Boiler House gas towers
  • Captured 5 focused images of a brick face
(Nighttime Observation)
  • Moved dome & telescope towards the moon. Aligned telescope to centre the moon.
  • Captured 5 images of a 3 crater formation along terminator of moon's surface.
  • Moved dome & telescope to point at Capella.
  • 1:12:00 LST (Local Sidereal Time)
  • RA/DE - 5h17m53s/ 46:00:45
  • Set telescope to 19:54:07
  • Captured 5 images of Capella
  • Moved dome and telescope to point at Pleione and Atlas
  • Two stars could not be situated in the same frame, did not capture images of these
  • Moved dome and telescope to point at Asterope and 21 Tau in Pleides
  • RA/DE Asterope (21 Tau) - 3h46m52s / 24:36:12
  • Captured 5 images of those two in the same frame
  • Moved dome and telescope to point at M 42 nebula
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Subject PH3010 Intro to telescope
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