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Start time: 17:30

End time: 19:30

The DMK camera was fixed to a tripod and pointed at the moon.

Run1: Gain set to 180 and images were recorded of the moon at a frame rate of 7.5 frames per second. The algorithm left the exposure setting on 1 as the image was not over or under exposed on this setting.

Run2: Gain was increased to 1023. The images were over exposed and the algorithm accounted for this by changing the exposure setting in increments of 1. It was noted that this was very slow to respond to large and sudden changes in conditions.

Run3: The code was modified such that the amount the algorithm changed the exposure setting depended on the number of pixels that were saturated. This massively decreased the time the algorithm took to find the correct exposure setting. See screen shot.

Images were also taken of Orion's Nebula, see image file names for parameter settings.

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