Partecipants: Saquib Hussain, Maria Merkulova, Virginia d'Emilio, William McKerracher

Star of setup: 17.40

Cooling: -10 degrees

Weather: 50% clouds, partially clean on the studied area


Target delta Cep (companion HIP110988)

Ra/Dec (on date) 22h29m57.26s

Az/Alt: 318deg 44'20''/38deg34'50''

Took testing pictures: Cooling_1 and cooling_2, can be seen a ring surrounded by the ice. Secong image shows larger ring, meaning hte camera is cooling down

Cooling_3 image is clear and even

Checked the wether with met office, clouds are exopected to clear for the rest of the night

Finding the star by eye, alighning the tescope, using stllarium found it was Procyon

As it wasn't clear that the star is Procyon, checked with Rigel

Took images of the delta cep with no filter and with filters: red, green, blue and spectroscope. Aimed for 50 000 pixel value - the closest to the maximum possible p.v.

Exposure time was increased as different filters were applied, because different filters obsurb more light.

Cloudy weather led to taking many pictures for blue filter with longer exp time, 16 sec.

Subject Observation3-group B
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