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Aligning Camera and optical fiber

  • Spectrum images,
    • Exposure: 0.1s
    • Temp: 10 deg
    • used subframes around spectral to speed up

  • The FireWire camera was attached to the beam splitter and connected to IC capture
  • Optical fiber was attached using a spacer to approximate the same focal length as the FireWire CCD

  • Initially an approximate focus was found on the FireWire camera.
    • Then the angle of the mirror was adjusted vertically such that the laser beam was scanned vertically.
    • images of the position on the CCD and the spectrum were taken at a range of positions.
    • The amplitude of the spectral line was then recorded with position on the CCD.
    • This gave a plot shown below for the maximum intensity. i.e centre of fiber

    • This was then repeated for a scan horizontally, which gave the plot below.

  • The best positions were found to be at [190,218] pixels, i.e 190 pixels across and 218 pixels down

  • The the focus of the image was to be found.
    • The box which the beam splitter and camera is attached to was placed on the rails and scanned backwards and forwards using a ruler for approximate focal length.
    • Images were recorded for both the camera and optical fiber, and the amplitudes were plotted against focal length.
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Subject Aligning Camera and Optical fibre through Beam Splitter
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