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Days, Calendar Created: 24 Jan 2017 19:29:48 Days, Calendar Last Revised: 24 Jan 2017 19:29:48 Person CatrionaMcDonald Text PH2900 Observation 1 CM

AA arrived at 17:30

  • take cover off telescope
  • power to telescope and switch on
  • open dome doors
  • take lens caps off telescope
  • removed old setup
  • mounting SBIG ST8XME
  • plug in power usb and turn on
  • alignment star is Capella
  • 02:03:35.3 LST
  • 17:50 GMT
  • RA Capella 5h17m
  • h= LST - a
  • h= 2h 3m - 5h 17m =-3h 14m =20h 46m
  • dome doors were rotated to star
  • telescope was set to hour angle declination from calculation and stellarium data
  • dec = 46 deg
  • sight telescope was then used to centre Capella in view of eye piece
  • speed was set to 0.25% /sec to have finer control
  • maxIm DL camera was started, coolers -15
  • star was centered on the camera
  • binning was set to 4 for the focussing
  • paddle microfocusser focus was used north and south to improve focus
  • focussed till the blob was as small as possible
  • binning was set to 1 and the view of capella was oversaturated
  • telescope was moved to some fainter stars and then refocussed smaller binning
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Subject PH2900 Observation 1 CM
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