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Days, Calendar Created: 07 Feb 2017 18:59:04 Days, Calendar Last Revised: 07 Feb 2017 18:59:04 Person AlanisCozens1 Text PH2900 observation 2 SH LL MF AC


07/02/2017 17:40 start time

M Fernandes, L Lenz, S Hughes, A Cozens, S Boogert

Weather - cloudy fairly poor visibility

  • set up telescope, open dome, take off caps etc
  • take picture of blank space, set up guide camera also
  • twilight point scope at blank space look at cooling and non cooling effects
  • target is betelgeuse, use to focus and synchronise camera
  • move scope to pleiades, new target in order to take pictures of cluster, image with multiple stars
  • centre on atlas and pleione
  • look at error in plate scale as a function of flux ALL FRAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • f[0].header this shows all the info about the image and the telescope
  • shape(d)
    Out[40]: (1020, 1530)
    dx1 = d[0:500,:].sum(0)
    dx2 = d[501:,:].sum(0)
    this will set a range on the x/y axis
  • def guassbg(x,a,m,s,c0,c1,c2) :
    return a*np.exp(-(x-m)**2/s**2)+c0*x**2+c1*x+c2 this creates a gaussian function
  • [p,c] = scipy.optimize.curve_fit(guassbg,x,dx2) this curve fits and shows the parameters and the covariance
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Subject PH2900 observation 2 SH LL MF AC
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