• LN


  • Extremely clear, no wind.
  • Coolers on from lunch time for darks.
  • Could only get to -15C during the day (60 - 80% cooler power)
  • Start up around 19:00
  • Dome open straight away to cool down and cooler can reach -20C
  • Aligned easily to Sirius to the south.
  • Flaming Star Nebula the target as quite high and slightly to the west (ie away from London).
  • 1 min exposure without filter to get some stars despite blueish sky.
  • Uploaded to to check location vs stellarium location.
  • Slightly off it would seem. Took 400s second exposure in mean time with H Alpha filter to see if we see anything.
  • Indeed, slightly off.
  • Ah, forgot to turn on tracking!
  • Centred where nebula should be (without filter - so just stars) and started tracking.
  • Checking with astrometry again before long data taking.
  • Bang on target - 20:58

-- LaurieNevay - 31 Mar 2017

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