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Days, Calendar Created: 12 Jan 2018 11:34:54 Days, Calendar Last Revised: 12 Jan 2018 11:34:54 Person SarahHughes Text PH3010 Solar Limb Darkening (setup)

  • JC, SH, AS, STB
  • 10am to 12
  • Filters, camera and telescope setup

  • 2 filters, main scope and finder
  • place filters on and ensure they can't move

  • unscrew and place down
  • either unplug or relock into other location
  • Imaging source DMK 21AF04.AS
Desktop->2_Capture -> IC Capture 2.4
  • Histogram to check exposure
  • menu->Device->Properties (gain and exposure)
  • menu->Capture->Sequence settings
    • Filename and Target->Change directory to new data folder, Filename Prefix: Test, Timestamp on
    • File Type->BMP-Windows bitmap
    • Automated Sequence->Interval: 1 second, End sequence after 40 seconds
    • Apply
  • Histogram-> Logarithmic
  • Capture->Sequence Timer->Start Timer
  • Switch Tracking Off :Setup->Enter->Target->Terrestrial
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Subject PH3010 Solar Limb Darkening (setup)
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