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Days, Calendar Created: 17 Jan 2018 19:18:15 Days, Calendar Last Revised: 17 Jan 2018 19:18:15 Person JessicaCopeland Text PH2900 Group A Observation 1


17:00 Start of Observation

  • Identified object a=80, A=45. Checked on Stellarium; was Capella.
  • Looked at the hour angle and the declination setting circles.
  • Attached the SBIG ST-8 camera: adjusting it to match the forks; plugging in USB and power source.
  • Alderbaran: RA/Dec: 4h36m/+16 32'(cloud cover)
  • Adjusted declination
  • h = LST - alpha
  • http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/sidereal.html
  • Capella: RA/Dec (found in scope)
  • Centering in finder scope (speed 5)
  • Taking images... open MaxIm DL...Camera button...Exposure(first 0.5secs, second 0,1 secs: continuos)...View graph
  • Synchronising: objecy - star - capella - entre - enter 2secs - mode 2sec - sychronised give RA/dec( telescope knows coords)
  • Attempted focusing - cloud coverage too high.
  • Ending observation at 19:11
  • Resetting telescope to RA/Dec 0h0m/+0 0'
ending total session 19:30
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Subject PH2900 Group A Observation 1
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