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Days, Calendar Created: 21 Feb 2019 20:14:03 Days, Calendar Last Revised: 21 Feb 2019 20:14:03 Person JasonDuong Text PH2900 Observation 1

Start 17:48
  • JD (Scribe),CH,RA,MH,SG,STB
  1. Enter dome, close door
  2. Release ropes and unscrew bolt (put it on the control panel)
  3. Open dome - use the big stick (careful of stuff that can fall down when opening)
  4. Tie up ropes
  5. Take cover off telescope
  6. Take off lens cover
  7. Dial on bottom intervals of 5 minutes
  8. Dial on side measured in degrees - declination
  9. Turn on camera ST-8XME SBIG
  10. Open terminal and find Betelgeuse and find its coordinates
  11. Set telescope Declination and hour angle using paddle
  12. Move dome to be able to see stars
  13. To check if star is aligned look past telescope and see if there is too much black or blue, if aligned should see the star aligned along telescope
  14. Using paddle change speed of telescope to speed 5
  15. Then look into telescope and align a star in crosshair.
  16. At top go to tools then ekos
  17. Change telescope alignment speed 3
  18. Open live capture set exposure to 0.1 and frames to 99
  19. Using live capture align the star to centre on the video capture screen - should see red circle on star
  20. To synchronise/zero coordinates use paddle go to top menu ->object -> star -> named -> star name -> enter -> hold enter for 2 seconds
  21. On ekos go to camera tab and set exposure to 0.1s and preview, save image
  22. Repeat for different exposures - longer exposure - bloom
  23. Set to Orion Nebula coordinates
  24. Pack up
  25. Set telescope to 0 declination and hour angle
  26. Set alignment speed to 9
  27. Close dome doors whilst holding rope.
  28. Close door and put screw back in and put rope back in metal thing.
  29. Turn off camera
  30. Put paddle back
  31. Put lens cover back on and telescope cover back on
Alignment star Betelgeuse: RA 5h 56m 11.52s

Declination 7 degrees 24' 24.07"

Azimuth 153 degrees 18' 01"

Altitude 43 degrees 06' 53"

LST 4 45 Can't go greater precision than 5 minutes

Hour angle 22h 50m (use -2h 50 mins because of rotation)

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Subject PH2900 Observation 1
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