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It is great that the toilets next to the Teaching Lab have been refurbished. The other ones are on the list but will take some time. Post your comments here.

IC : Replacing the mirror in the men's would be nice.

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On this pdf you can see a proposal for panels that will be put on 3 of the 4 walls in the Main Foyer (the 4th wall contains the photos of everyone), as well as the PP Foyer on the 1st floor, the CM Foyer on the ground floor (next to the Main Foyer) and the CM Foyer in the basement. Please enter your comments here (deadline is Friday May 9th).

  • Do not comment on the resolution of the photos/graphics, we will take care of this
  • For the international Labs: let me know if there are some missing

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VB: I think it looks great, may be the text for the caption should be outside of the photo instead of inside.

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  • the text of the sub-groups are sometimes left justified, right justified or centred
  • better to say Department of Physics

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Ryan Cheale:

  • Main Foyer Wall 1
    • "particle physics theory" has the white image layed over the left hand side of the text box
    • Particle collision image crosses over "particle physics" text box
    • The gap to the right of the poster is larger than that of the left hand side, they should be evenly spaced from the edge. (i.e move everything right a bit)
    • Writing justifcation isn't consistent and leaves a lot of empty spacing which is unappealing, for example the "particle physics" text should be moved up so it appears less space is being wasted.
    • "Atlas" means nothing to somebody who doesn't do physics, perhaps "Atlas Detector" would be better
  • Main Foyer Wall 2
    • gaps around the graphene image
    • "condensed matter" text box crosses over image
    • "Nanophysics" text box crosses over image
    • Justification of text is all over the place again
    • Images sizing doesn't seem right.. can't put my finger on what is wrong with it though
  • Main Foyer Wall 3
    • Probabaly the best wall visually
    • Image below dome crosses with first text box
    • "astro dome" seems a bit shorthanded .. "Observatory" / "Astrophysics Observator" perhaps?
    • "collaboration...." seems like it is too wordy compared to everything else
    • Logos on a white background don't blend with the grey background behind it, should be of same colour
  • Main Foyer Inner Wall
    • Perhaps should read "Physics department" Centred both horizontally and vertically
  • Particle Physics Foyer
    • Looks Good. Wasted space in the text box isn't a problem here as it's by its self
  • Particle Phsyics Foyer Wall 2
    • Looks Good. Though if one wall is all in capitals then all should be in capitals
  • Particle Physics Wall 3
    • Interaction diagram bottom left looks silly and has no meaning to someone with no prior knowledge to feynam diagrams
    • seems like a lot of wasted space on the right hand side. Since the fire alarm is going in between perhaps the right hand side should have an image of the same style as the left hand side?
  • Particle Physics Wall 4
    • Atlas text needs to be dropped to the middle, probably bet to be ATLAS detector (much like with main foyer wall 1 suggestion )
  • First Floor Foyer
    • Looks good, perhaps if other text is captilised this should be as well
  • First Floor Foyer Wall 2
    • Text should be in between images and text should be moved to the middle of the text box
  • Basement Foyer Wall
    • Text boxes cross over with image
    • Need to be consistent with the amount of space left over in text boxes!

4. Name + comment:

Laurie Nevay

  • Could perhaps fill up the space a bit more
  • Atlas is the name of an experiment, the others are branches of physics - although each title effectively describes a group, perhaps rewording?
  • Font size inconsistent in labels - for example - "collaboration with national and international labs…"
  • I think there are some more exciting images for say accelerators and particle physics. I'll email a few to Stewart
  • Quantum matter cube! Again, maybe there's something more interesting to represent this topic?
  • "Astro Dome" -> Astronomy Dome / Facility
  • Overall, the style is good - smart, clean, high contrast but not blinding.
  • If we perhaps have bigger images, could we put the coloured squares inside the images in the corners??
  • I like that the gender ratio seems more balanced than the current posters
In a large space, a poster rack like the ones music shops have (that flip side to side) would be a good way of displaying more posters - for when the other bits get updated.

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Rupert Mellor:

I agree with Ryan's points, nothing to add that hasn't been mentioned already.

'collaboration' box needs fixing - perhaps 'Global' instead of 'national and international', or somesuch.

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7. Name + comment:

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-- StewartBoogert - 30 Apr 2014

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