Camera Interface Webapge Manual Software Area Pixel size Chip size Gain Bits
Meade LPI USB here   Maxim DL 640x480 8x8 um     8
ImagingSource DMK21AF04.AS Firewire here   Maxim DL/ Labview/IC Capture.AS 2.0 640x480 5.6x5.6 um     8
Logitech quick cam (2) USB     Labview         8,8,8
Starlight Xpress (SXV-M7C) USB here here Maxim DL 752x582 6.5mm x 4.8 mm     X,X,X
SBIG ST-7E Parallel   here Maxim DL 765x510 9 um x 9 um   2.30 16
SBIG ST-8XME USB     Maxim DL 1530x1020 9 um x 9 um   2.39


Filter position Filter Size Webpage Manual
1 Baader RGB-C Clear Focusing 1.25" here (in German) here
2 Baader RGB CCD-Filter R 1.25"
3 Baader RGB CCD-Filter G 1.25"
4 Baader RGB CCD-Filter B 1.25"


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