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Welcome to the ShowCase web

This web is intended as a showcase for this TWiki's new features.

The Electronic LogBook

The electronic logbook is a TWiki app. which provides a convenient way to enter and display information which evolves over time. Each new item added is summarised on the logbook's main page via a link (Subject) to its own TWiki topic. That topic can contain text, tables, pictures or any other kind of content available on TWiki. Any number of separate logbooks can be incorporated into a TWiki web.

  • LogBookHelp - How to use the logbook
  • LogBooks - The main entry point to the logbooks in this web. It contains a list of (junk) logbooks in this web (created while developing this app.) I hope to provide some better demos in the future (TomCrane).

Plugins & Addons

TWiki is an highly extensible technology and installing plugins/addons is the main route for adding new features to a TWiki. InstalledPlugins shows all plugins & addons currently installed on this TWiki. TWiki:Plugins.PluginPackage lists the many plugins & addons available to download and install from the central TWiki site. Please contact the TWiki admins at physicstwikiadmin@lists.rhul.ac.uk if you would like any additional plugins installed.

The following items demonstrate some recently installed plugins & addons on this TWiki.

  • BatchUploadPluginInfo - Upload and display a zip-file of pictures in a TWiki topic.
  • BeautifierPlugin - Highlight and format source code fragments, (bash,C++,C#,Corba,CSS,HTML,IDL,Java,Lua,Makefile,Perl,PHP3,PL/SQL,Python,Scheme,TCL,HTML,Visual,Verilog,VHDL,XML).
  • BibliographyPlugin - Cite a bibliography in one topic and get an automatically created references list.
  • BibtexPlugin - Embed BibTeX entries in a TWiki page.
  • CalendarPlugin - Display a calendar, with optional customisation in TWiki topics.
  • ChartPlugin - Helps you visualise data in TWiki tables as charts.
  • CounterPlugin - Provides an in-topic counter of visits to that topic.
  • DatabasePluginInfo - Access an SQL database system from within a TWiki topic.
  • EmbedPDFPluginInfo - Embed PDF files in a TWiki topic.
  • ExcelImportExportPluginInfo - Upload an Excel spreadsheet file to a TWiki topic as a table and download a TWiki table as an Excel spreadsheet file.
  • FamFamFamContrib - 4 sets of icons to use in TWiki pages.
  • FlowchartPlugin - Create a flowchart in a TWiki topic. See FlowchartPluginExample.
  • FormPlugin - Lets you create simple and advanced web forms for data entry.
  • GaugePlugin - Create gauges in TWiki topics, eg. as progress indicators. See GaugePluginTests.
  • GeoLookupPlugin - Obtain the geographical location of an IP address.
  • ImageGalleryPluginInfo - Display a set of images in any TWiki topic.
  • GluePlugin - Make TWiki markup language (as used in TWiki topics) more readable by spreading code over multiple line and providing in-line documentation.
  • GnuPlotPlugin - Allows users to plot data and functions using GnuPlot in TWiki topics.
  • ImagePlugin - Control the display and alignment of images in a TWiki topic. See also ImagePluginTest.
  • JQueryTwistyPlugin - Open/close (show/hide) content dynamically in a TWiki topic.
  • LatexModePlugin - Render LaTeX type-setting in a TWiki topic.
  • LightboxPlugin - Single-click to quickly toggle between a thumbnail & full size image within a TWiki page.
  • LocalTimePlugin - Show the current date and time of a particular city/timezone.
  • ObjectPlugin - Embed multi-media objects (Flash, QuickTime, Microsoft WMV etc. players) into TWiki topics.
  • PopUpCalculatorAddOn - A web based pop-up scientific calculator.
  • QRCodePlugin - Create & render QR codes QR Code in a TWiki topic.
  • RackPlannerPlugin - Visualise a 19" rack (eg. server farm) as a TWiki table.
  • RemoteFileAttachPlugin - Programmatically download and attach remote files to topics (only one attachment per topic allowed).
  • ScrollBoxAddOn - Create attractive text scroll boxes, logo rolls and boxes with images that get replaced at regular intervals.
  • ShareMePlugin - Assist sharing your TWiki content via Social Media websites; Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • SkillsPlugin - Edit & present your skills, including on your public TWiki home page. If logged on see TWikiGuest.
  • SourceHighlightPlugin - Highlight and format code fragments, (C++,C,Flex,Java,Perl,PHP3,Prolog,Python).
  • TagMePlugin - Create & add Tags to TWiki topics. Available in most webs. You can conveniently tag topics with relevant tags and then search TWiki content by tag as a navigation aid.
  • TagCloudPlugin - Renders a tag cloud in a TWiki Topic, given a list of terms.
  • TimeTablePlugin - Create a multi-coloured week-long (or more) timetable in a TWiki topic.
  • TWikiDrawPlugin - Illustrate TWiki topics using this simple embedded drawing application.
  • VotePlugin - Run an election/referendum in a TWiki topic.

Info A locally produced demo (TomCrane).

ShowCase Web Utilities

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