Presentation Skills and Teamwork, 2nd year after exam

Course material:

Session1 was on Monday 3/6/2013, at 10am in HLT2.

Session2: discussion and review on Thursday 6/6/2013, at 10h in MBLT.

Session3: your talks, at 10h-13h and 14-17, Tuesday 11/6/2013, in MBLT.

Session4: final talks, at 10h-13h, Wednesday 12/6/2013, in MBLT.

List of randomly generated teams and title of topics chosen by each team.

Green = attended first and second sessions.

Orange = attended first but not second session - please confirm talk attendance with your team mates!

Blue = attended second but not first session - please join your team!

  • TeamA: (Merged with teams B, N, M): Modern Topics in Physics (including Nanophysics, Superconductivity)
    Max Rodgers
    Emily Rundle
    Deborah Pienaar
    Jaffar Ghafoor
    Sharad Patel
  • TeamB: Merged with teams A, N, M.
    Justin Ng
    Petros Skopelitis
    Benjamin Hirst
    Ahmed Mohamoud
    Joseph Mayger
  • TeamC: (Merged with TeamE): Quantum computing
    Joshua Albrecht
    Thomas Leigh
    Jaime van Oers
    Nicholas Harden
    Dipen Patel
  • TeamD: Medical physics (any topic, excluding EM radiation by TeamI)
    Elliot Muchamore
    Liam Aubrook
    Federica Raimondi
    Malkesh Agheda
    Belinda Stiles
  • TeamE: (Merged with TeamC)
    Shane McGillion
    Khalid Muhammad
    Gaiyang Lou
    Bianca Kirby
    Luca Fruzza
  • TeamF: Life in the Universe (ET phone home)
    Darsh Kodwani
    Hussam Hussain
    Stuart Keenan
    Liam Duffy
    Hamed Darvishian
  • TeamG: Going to Mars (feasibility of human trip / propulsion)
    Samuel Emery
    Nemos Thorpe
    James Farmer
    Loren Held
    Lawrence Thomas
  • TeamH: Misconceptions of physics in everyday life
    Jenna Howe
    Timothy Lehner
    Christophe Meyers
    Omid Siddiqui
    Holly Preece
  • TeamI: Use of EM radiation in medical science
    Nikki Shah
    Vijay Mahatma
    Adorcille Abat
    Patrick Trollope
    Ojal Grover
  • TeamJ: Interstellar Travel
    Ayyoub Maknassa
    Anna Pearson
    Hyung-Suk Choi
    Saeed Ascroft
    Charlotte Nedd
  • TeamK: Fusion Reactors & Stellar Fusion
    Amar Shah
    Rafael Garcia Irvine
    Thomas Vaughan
    Jean Duffy
    Nicholas Sumner
  • TeamL: Atomic bombs
    Stuart Walker
    Gabriel Brodowski
    Adriana Dias
    Elysia Sharma
    David Yeeles
  • TeamM: (merged with Team A, B, N)
    Abdullah Afzal
    Christopher Smith
    Konstantinos Georgantas
    Sai Leik
  • TeamN: (merged with Team A, B, M)
    Alexandre Imre
    Joseph Cooper
    Andrew Petrie
    Jamila Taaki
Due to the absence of some members:

  • Teams C and E have been merged.
  • Teams M and N have been merged.
-- StephenGibson - 03 Jun 2013

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