CCD Camera- ST-8XME

  • CCD model:- ST-8XME
    • USB interfacing
    • Utlises Maxim DL Software for Hardware/Software integration
    • Area:- 1530x1020
    • Pixel Size:- 9 x 9 um
    • Chip Size:- 13.8 x 9.2 mm
    • Gain:- 2.39
    • Bits:- 16bit
    • Field of View:- 18.7' x 12.4'
    • Plate Scale:- 0.61 arcsec/px
  • CCD Detector Image Generation Steps[1]
    1. Charge Generation (Photoelectric Effect)
    2. Charge Collection (Photoelectrons collected via collection sites, collections sites are defined by electrode arrays formed on the CCD these are called gates)
    3. Charge Transfer (Voltage manipulation of gates so that electrons move down vertical & horizontal registers one pixel at a time, the register transports packets to the on-chip amplifier)
    4. Charge Detection (Charge packets are converted to a voltage, this can be digitially encoded and thus an image can be formed)
  • cooled camera - looking at effects of cooling for picture clairty (Semi conductor.. eletron.. fermi distribution)
  • 'MaxIm DL' for control of camera
    • Power on camera
    • Start maximDL
    • Select 'Camera' Icon
    • Connect Camera - SBIG Universal
    • 'Connect'
    • Set temperature in degrees C
    • Set fram type (Dark, Light, Bias, Flat)
    • Set Exposure Time
    • Begin.

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